Abused Woman Ministries', Inc. School of Healing (AWMSOH)

"Healing through recovery with God's truth"

Welcome to the Abused Woman Ministries Inc School of Healing (AWMSOH) web page. Our mission is to heal abused women by helping them get rid of toxic emotions (anger, bitterness, resentment, fear, rejection, etc.) first, with the truth of God's Word, so they can recover from the effects of domestic violence and domestic abuse. The AWMSOH is the educational institution of Abused Woman Ministries, Inc. (AWMI). AWMI was started in December 2008 as the educational support tool for The Lula McGrady Foundations, Inc. (TLMF) because Dr. Hooks know, it is going to take in-depth teaching for the abused woman to fully recover.

Under AWMI, the Abused Woman Recovery Group (2009), Abused Woman Recovery Program (2009), and Abused Woman Ministries' Inc. School of Healing (2010) was born. The beginning of recovery starts with forgiveness so we teach abused women that they need to forgive their abuser and show them how to do that using the "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" (BFOF) Program. Once the abused woman understand about forgiveness and the other toxic emotions associated with it, then we teach them what abuse is and how they can recover from it; we make sure we let them know recovering from abuse is a process.We understand there are many, many abused women out there who were traumatized because of the domestic violence/abuse they experienced. And we know that unless the pain they suffered as a result of the domestic violence and everything associated with it is gone from their lives, abused women cannot fully recover. AWMSOH will show the abused woman (or man), how to get rid of toxic emotions, and be restored.